Saturday, February 25, 2012

The New Giveaway Tools Needs Work

Used Giveaway Tools for the first time at Kobiso. Takes more time than it should. First impression, I don't like it.


You give your name and email to start and I can use the name I usually use for giveaways


Once Giveaway Tools is given permission to access Facebook and Twitter, and if you are already logged into Twitter and Facebook, should show whether or not you already like/follow and should just be be allowed to check off the entry, there shouldn't be any additional login buttons to push, either to follow on Twitter, Facebook I already do. If I need to like/follow put the appropriate button and automatically refresh the entry when I do press a button. The code to show whether or not you like/follow on Facebook or Twitter is widely used on blogs and should be used here.

The same goes for Tweeting as said above, should not have a login button, I should just be able to tweet. Easy to tweet (after you press the login button) but sloppy looking.

Once you press the submit button can't access the form untill the next day

Not crazy about the interface


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