Saturday, December 27, 2008

AT&T and Dropped Connection

I'm so sick of AT&T. Just saw my modem flashing red again, lost my DSL signal. It happens mainly in the afternoons and early evening. The connection will drop for a few seconds, come back on for varying lengths of time, drop for a few seconds.... and it just continues. It's been better than it was, over the summer I was without internet for up to 6 hours a day. They haven't been able to fix the problem.

Right now I'm not employed, so I'm hesitant to change...that and the only other real option for me is cable.

Win a Years Supply of Breakfast at Consumer Queen

A great giveaway going on at Consumer [...]You have the chance to win 1 of 15 Years Supply of Breakfast from Fast Fixin’ and Fast Classics.
Prizes will be awarded as: 24 Free Product Coupons good on any Fast Fixin’ or Fast Classics item up to $7.99 for each family.[...]. Yummy! Check it out.

She also list 7 ways to save on Fast Fixins at Walmart.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Blog change

I had started a different blog, but decided to move things here. Eventually I'll use that one for something else.

I do have another active blog specifically for my opinions and comments on sweepstakes. That's where I gripe and complain or praise the entry systems of some of the sweeps I've entered. If interested, look in my profile for the link. I decided that that was not the place to put my posts when entering a giveaway, so I started this blog, a place to put both my thoughts and entries for giveaways.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bleach Bottle Santas Finished

We finished our bleach bottle Santas and they turned out sooo cute. We'll probably make some as gifts in a couple of years.

Entered for Spinning Charging Station Organizer at Thrifty Jinxy

Another giveaway from Thrifty Jinxy [...] For gadget gurus there is the Spinning Charging Station Organizer with Power Strip. This is the Rolls Royce of charging stations. No other charging station out there like this. It’s tall and slim design allows it to take up little counter space. This one can charge multiple phones, PDAs, MP3 players, digital cameras and more. The lid on top allows a space to store your wallet, loose change, etc. Plus, places for all your important keys, mail, notes. So much storage in one compact unit that spins![..] The giveaway ends 12/24/08.

This would be so cool to have, wouldn't it be great to charge everything in one compact place and have it look nice too.

Entering for a 320GB Seagate FreeAgent Go at Thrifty Jinxy

Thrifty Jinxy is offering a 320GB Seagate FreeAgent Go USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive. Giveaway ends 12/29/08.

This is something I could really use, the external drive would make it so convenient to backup files. I'm a bad girl, I back up only occasionally to CD currently. I really hope to win this one.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Decorating Almost Done

Well, just about have all of our Christmas decorating finished. Really like the way our tree turned out this year, used the same tree and ornaments from prior years, but Junie and I both have walking dolls from when we were little, and we have them dressed up and sitting in front of the tree. We think it turned out real cute..

Still have our bleach bottle Santas to make, we plan on that tomorrow, I didn't feel like dragging out the sewing machine today. I found instructions online, but we will make ours like the picture I have of one my aunt made years ago.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thrifty Jinxy Mr. Beams Battery Operated Stair Light and Outdoor Spotlight - Review & Giveaway

[...]Giveaway: One lucky Thrifty Jinxy reader will win one of each of these lights, the Mr. Beams Spotlight AND the Mr. Beams Stair Light.[...]. You have until December 24th to enter.

What a great little prize. So useful. I have just the spot for the Mr. Beams Stair light, the step down between the dining room and living room.

Accidental Mommies GiiNii - “A Digital Picture Frame for Christmas” review and GIVEAWAY

Accidental Mommies is offering a 7" GiiNii Wedge Digital Frame. [...]One of you will be able to give someone a great Christmas gift this year or have a cool new way to display your photos on your mantle this year![...]

It's a nice looking frame and would be nice to have, but I would probably give it as a gift.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A bit about me

I'm rather new to blogging, will take a while to catch on.

I live in California's Central Valley where I share a duplex with a friend. Junie, my roommate and I decided to share a place last year, and it's working out real well. She's my ex's cousin and I've actually known her longer than I've known my son. We're each able to do more than if we were trying to make it on our own, sharing a place definitely eases the financial strain of living alone. I've also found I really enjoy her company, especially her warped sense of humor. We both became widowed in 1997.

Temporarily among the unemployed, I hope to get a job soon, but our area is rated among the top in unemployment. In the meantime I'm entering more sweepstakes. Hope to win the big one soon.

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