Saturday, December 6, 2008

A bit about me

I'm rather new to blogging, will take a while to catch on.

I live in California's Central Valley where I share a duplex with a friend. Junie, my roommate and I decided to share a place last year, and it's working out real well. She's my ex's cousin and I've actually known her longer than I've known my son. We're each able to do more than if we were trying to make it on our own, sharing a place definitely eases the financial strain of living alone. I've also found I really enjoy her company, especially her warped sense of humor. We both became widowed in 1997.

Temporarily among the unemployed, I hope to get a job soon, but our area is rated among the top in unemployment. In the meantime I'm entering more sweepstakes. Hope to win the big one soon.


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