Sunday, March 18, 2012

Facebook Security Sucks

I am so frustrated and angry with Facebook. Yesterday and today, FB in their infinite wisdom has decided to verify my identity. I make no qualms that I use FB for giveaways, do you know how many things are run on Facebook now? Can't wait till I'm done entering giveaways, got to do it early on.

One of the most stupid forms of account verification I've seen to date is to identify tagged photos. Now, let's see photo that has a dress tagged, another dress tagged an I can't remember what else at the moment is who? Three photos of makeup, the tagged photos are who? A picture of a kid, a group of kids and a sign is who? Whoever thought that tagged photos would make a good form of verification should be fired.

FB, you have my email. If you want to make sure I am who I say I am, send me a damn email that I can click a link to verify that I am indeed using my account, don't give me some unreadable security code or crappy tagged photos to identify. Don't require a text via mobile, which cost me .10 yesterday and for what, you locked me out again today. Use my email.


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