Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Junie Update

Sunday night Junie found she won a box of Cuties, that really lifted her spirits. Her second win ever, the first being a DVD.

Went to the doctor Monday, she's excited to now have a walking boot. She's been doing a bit of walking around the house, but to be on the safe side, only with the aid of a walker for a while. Today, she'll try going down the step down into the living room, she's looking forward to sitting in the recliner.

She was almost equally excited that she can now take a shower. You could almost hear the Oohs and Aahs coming from the bathroom. To make it easier and safer, we picked up a tub transfer bench from a local hospice owned thrift shop and put in a new shower head, one the can be used as a hand held.

An added plus for me, it doesn't look like it'll be long and I'll be able to use the VCR from her room to play with the VHS to DVD 3 Deluxe software I won.


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