Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Hate Flash

OK, maybe I don't hate Flash, but I dislike it intensely. Flash when used to enhance a site can be cool. But, for most commercial sites, it should be at the option of the site visitor. A well designed HTML web site can project a much better image for the average consumer than a Flash site.

Flash based sites

When I go to a site like Suave or Dove (these are sites I have been to lately) and I try to navigate a less than optimal Flash based site like Suave, it's a real turn off. I have had to spend twice as long looking for information than is necessary. You can't use the back arrow or you're taken back to the beginning of the Flash movie losing even more time. The Dove site has a sitemap available, but click on a link and you are still pulled into a flash site. But, at least with the Dove site you can use the back arrow and go back a page without starting all over, but still it would be much better to have a standard site available. Unfortunately, most, but not all, of Unilever's sites are Flash based. Big turnoff.

Site menus done in Flash

WD Diary , part of Woman's Day and Classic Heartland, a public radio station have Flash based menus with no alternative, you either have Flash enabled or you can't navigate the site. Not a good impression and another big turnoff.

Most sweepstakes entry forms done in Flash suck, too. There is no reason that your browser's form filler, Google's form filler, Roboform or the like should not be able to fill in a form, any form. There are a lot of people out there who have a hard time either seeing or typing.

For some specifics in sweepstakes entry forms, see my other blog My Sweepstakes Rants and Raves. Comments are always welcome.

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