Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spent yesterday in Monterey

A few friends and I ran away from the valley heat yesterday, spending the day in Monterey. The weather was a bit on the cool side and breezy, finally reaching about 70 or so degrees, but still, absolutely beautiful!

We had lunch on the wharf, spent some time on Cannery Row and took the 17 mile (tourist) drive along the coast, stopping at the points of interest to watch the ocean, harbor seals and otters. We finished off the day coming back to Cannery Row for dinner. Our alternate route home took us through some of the redwoods and even though it was dark by then, you could still appreciate the beauty of the forest. It was such a relaxing, soothing to the soul type day.

Just as a note, weather wise, as a comparison, the official temp here at home yesterday was 98, a little cooler than both the previous couple of days and the 100+ degree forecast for the next couple of days.


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