Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who's the underclass?

I make no qualms about the fact that I like to enter sweeps and giveaways, it's a hobby. I have nothing to hide, and my email address for entering giveaways, vlbsweeps, shows that. I also use this address for online shopping, and site memberships. Now, in the case of company sponsored sweeps, they're getting pretty cheap widespread publicity when they offer a sweep. In the case of blog hosted sweeps, the blogs gain a following, allowing them to review more items and the companies involved get cheap advertising, which is usually what everyone is after. Also in the case of blog hosted sweeps, I do realize the hard work of the bloggers involved and would like to take the time now to say THANK YOU.

Now on to the reason for this post. I have a little quirk, I write and eat left handed, everything else is right handed, including keyboard and mouse. There are few things I can do with either hand comfortably, but drawing is left handed, mouse is right handed. One of the things I'm trying to win, when offered, is a graphics tablet, hell, I don't have the funds to purchase one. Well, I found a giveaway for a graphics tablet and according to the rules, all you had to do was leave a comment, and the draw was to be random, it looked like it was open to anyone.

Here is how it ended.

The following is straight from the site.

The TROLLS have migrated..
[...Beware the Sweepies!

There was, and probably has always been, an attraction to free stuff. It’s human nature. But for decades, there has been a special underclass of human, I call it the “sweepies”. The sweepstakes trolls. Related to the freegans? Who cares. They used to pass information to each other through the us mail, and now they inhabit the internet.. where giveaways abound, and they can easily enter as many contests as they want, without paying for postage!

They may not actually need the item in question, but they have a relative who might.. or they might sell it on ebay..

I’ve learned my lesson in sponsoring giveaways, and from now on will host an actual talent based contest, with judges for any future items.

The fact is, so many of the comments came from people who had just come from a sweepstakes blog, it was just sad. And not only that, most of you sweepies were’nt even smart enough to have a real e-mail that might disguise your true sweepie nature:, etc!

And so, this weekend, I painstakingly went through and added to the spam list, each and every sweeps person I could find who left a comment. I also googled, matched ip addresses and read over each and every comment, to find the right person, and I did! Congratulations to Donald Walker! I’ll be contacting you soon about shipping and the details behind the bonus software from Adesso.

Thanks everyone for trying. There are always a few who try and tip the wheel in their favor and ruin the fun for everyone.



He also drew a very unflattering cartoon of what he thought of sweepers.

If I could draw, I'd picture him as an ogre on a very high horse, using a sweeper as the polo ball, before setting down to feast on us.

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  1. Good for you Vicki! I feel the same way. And if he'd been at the 2009 National Sweepstakes convention in NH a couple weeks ago he would have seen 500 people that were potential customers.I use my same email too and brag about sweeps and wins on my blog. If people don't like my hobby they can just lump it!
    Many wins to you! Rhonda hondaray6 at hotmail dot com


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