Monday, January 26, 2009

Junie Update

Well, Junie's been up a few hours a day in the wheelchair, not as much as last week though. Still enough to wheel in my room and and enter a giveaway or two. The rest of the time she's in bed with foot elevated, watching movies or working puzzles. She's starting to go a little stir crazy and won't get a walking boot till Feb 9.

What makes things hard for her is the operation was on her "good" side, her right side. Her left shoulder and knee have both been reconstructed so they can't carry much weight. The wheelchair is safer than a walker and crutches are definitely out of the question.

We have a step down between the dining area and living room, so the living room isn't accessible for the time being.

Garth, our dog is still a kick, still guards her room, he's not only better than a bell, he's also started barking to get my attention when the phone rings now too, doesn't want her to move to get it.

But, when he wants to go outside and she's at the table, it's OK for her to wheel over and let him out (and back in). A friend of ours says it a "man" thing.


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