Monday, January 12, 2009

My sweeping

I enter a lot of sweeps and giveaways, but compared to some, my list is tiny. I'm actually pretty particular. I enter for things I would like to have or those that would make good gifts. For the larger items, I only enter the ones I'm willing to pay taxes on. I don't enter for trips. I normally don't enter contests.

I find a lot of sweeps for movies for Junie to enter and sometimes if I mention I would really like something (small stuff only) and she doesn't think it'll disqualify me, she'll throw in an entry too. She doesn't enter for anything over $500.

I'm finding blogs to be a great resource for smaller items. Many are SAHM hosted so offer a lot of baby and child items. (I will on occasion enter these if there is something I think would be cool for my great nephew). I wish I could find more that offered more general items or those for 50+.

I've also started keeping an eye on tech blogs, I would love to win some new toys and software. I'd love to win a notebook, external hard drive, digital camera and frame, etc. Haven't really had a chance to play with new stuff for a few years and I kind of miss it.

The only one I'm entering with the intent of selling the prize (not likely to win anyways) is the HGTV Dream House. Most enter with the intent to sell. I normally don't enter that one, but decided why not.


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